Welcome to Healthy Home Decorating's Humble Beginning

Welcome to Healthy Home Decorating's Humble Beginning
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Welcome to Healthy Home Decorating your resource for creating beautiful interiors using Holistic Redesign principals. I''m Penny Crabtree and on these pages we will discuss your own interior decorating needs, while we learn the principles of a healthy home. Some of the topics we will cover are: decorating healthy rooms, like the: master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room to name a few. We will cover alternative, interior design principals of: the use of color and how to choose it, remodeling, green design, feng shui, wabe saube and other earth sciences. Emphasis on fabrics, window treatments, area rugs, paint, flooring, furniture, lighting and accessories will be addressed in great length. We will discuss those that are Eco friendly and those that are not and what you can do to make them friendlier. But the most exciting part is that you get to participate, unlike other sites where you only get to read the information you can ask questions and comment and we will answer as many as we can on future shows. On our program we will also review trends, books, interview special guests and professionals, give tips that you can use right away on your own holistic home. And if that wasn''t enough, we will tell you on future shows how you can have a career with Holistic Redesign or just study it for your own home. Did I mention how much fun you are going to have? It always fun to work on your home with like-minded people.

This Healthy Home Decorating Blog as well as our Podcast Shows have been a long time in coming but you needn''t wait any longer. WE''RE HERE. I'' ve spent the last five years developing this program and I am so happy to bring it to you. When you follow the Healthy Home Decorating Podcast Show you will find enticing new ways to turn your home into a haven for the development of your body, mind and spirit.

In this episode our host and the creator of The Holistic Redesign Course explains exactly what Holistic Redesign is and how you can create a beautiful healthy home. Penny Crabtree discusses how Holistic Redesign can be used to transform bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, kids rooms, exterior living areas, and more into peaceful regenerative oasis''s. Using techniques such as Feng Shui, Wabi Sabi and Bau Biology your home will become a
" Shelter From the Storm" of day to day life. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to our podcast so that you won''t miss a single upcoming episode of Healthy Home Decorating.