WaveSense Jazz Blood Sugar Monitor

WaveSense Jazz Blood Sugar Monitor

Overall, the WaveSense Jazz Glucose Meter is a nice glucose monitor. It has some unique features that could potentially be really useful- the sort of features that might cause the buyer to stop and wonder why other monitors hadn''t included these features years before.

The device is a rather convenient size, not too thick and about the size of a credit card as far as length and height go. Calibration is simple and straightforward. If the user has any difficult with the calibration, the manual that is included with the WaveSense Jazz is really simple and straightforward, so any troubles should be alleviated by turning to the manual. There''s no coding required for strips, so if nothing else that takes a huge hassle out of having to test blood sugar. More icing on the cake is that the WaveSense Jazz doesn''t use that much blood to get a reading, so ideally there won''t be any need for multiple finger prickings.

Some of the devices best features are really utilitarian; they''re especially useful in keeping track of glucose levels through the day. The device lets the user tag a reading as being before or after a meal, an important bit of information. It allows you to graph your readings in three day, two week, or one month chunks. Basically, the device is especially useful if you''re the sort of person who likes a visual representation of how your sugar levels are fluctuating on a day to day basis. That can be very important information to have if you think that your glucose levels might be fluctuating a bit too much.

Some of the drawbacks of the device aren''t really the fault of the device itself, but rather some accessories that are paired with the device. For example, the case that comes with the device is rather large and unwieldy. The small-ish size of the device should be a fairly decent marketing point for the WaveSense Jazz, but the case they give you is bulky and bothersome, not to mention that the way the case is made might cause some issues when it comes time to try and insert a testing strip into the meter. If you can find another case that works better for you, you can easily get around this problem. There''s a similar issue with the lancet that comes with the device. For whatever reason, it doesn''t seem to be quite as ergonomic as it could be and could make it difficult to get a satisfactory amount of blood for a testing.

WaveSense Jazz Blood Glucose Monitor
WaveSense Jazz Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Customer Review:

And here''s what some of the customers who bought the WaveSense Jazz Glucose Meter have to say about it:

    ..."I love the large numbers, the time tested accuracy, and mostly the downloadable software and USB port to track your data on your computer!!"...

    ..."make sure you buy test strips - they didn''t come in the package"...

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