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Sciatica  Rockville  Gaithersburg  Bethesda  Chiropractor

The Causes and Treatments of Sciatica Sciatica is the name given to a tremendous pain which originates from the lower back and carries on to the upper legs. Prolonged sitting or standing can exacerbate the problem. Sciatica is caused by a multitude of different issues. Years of poor posture, low muscle tone or being overweight can cause the discs in the lower back to be compressed and agitate the nerves. These nerves are highly sensitive and this is where the pain really takes hold. It travels down the leg via the sciatic nerve and can stop the patient in their tracks. Other traumas which can cause sciatica may be a car crash. The rapid deceleration is the factor which causes whiplash and back pain. Untreated pains can cause lower back problems, which may only be apparent years later. The ways in which to treat sciatica are with a certain massage. We at The Spinal Correction & Wellness Center do not believe in using drugs or surgery which tend to mask the pain rather than treat it or have irreversible outcomes. We provide a natural approach to wellness and our massages are specifically designed to deal with tender back problems. The therapeutic massage increase strength, promotes joint health, stability and boosts the range of motions. This protects against new injuries and reduces the pain of old. The onset of sciatica can take years to show and therefore sticking to a regular chiropractic plan will keep the spine in check. Some patients stop the treatment when they feel a little better to only have a relapse later on. One or two relapses bring back the excruciating pain and the process starts again. Our staff offer therapeutic stretches which prevent scar tissue from forming. It also helps the tissue be flexible to protect the sciatica from worsening. Another method is the traction massage, where the patient lies face up on a table with a pillow under their legs. A series of rollers moves up and down the spine to elongate it and gently stretch it. This motion helps the discs sit properly and reduces the bulging, which is very painful. There are more ways in which chiropractors can reduce the severity of the sciatica.

We provide diet and nutritional counseling to maintain good health and help the massages and treatments work in harmony. Coupled with treatment and diet, our lifestyle coaches can show ways of how to enhance the way you live to reduce back pain. Regular exercise, stopping smoking and a reliance on medication can minimize stress which also can cause problems. Sciatica is an acute pain in the upper legs which stems from the lower back. The sciatic nerve causes pain from the discs in the spine which have thinned or bulge from a trauma. This causes pressure on the nerves and thus pain occurs. There are many massages and chiropractic treatments which can help reduce the pain and help strengthen the muscles to stop any further or future pain.