5 Day Fit Weight Loss

5 Day Fit Weight Loss

This DVD consists of five 30 minute workouts:

1) starts with a lot of yoga/pilates then a little bit of martial arts. I found the instructor to be a little too calm somehow. For people who like very soft spoken instructors, this might not be a negative, though. Though the cuing on the pilates/yoga warm up section was pretty good, I did find the martial arts part to be confusing. I felt like I needed a little more information about form.

2) a walking in place routine. This one could be good for light workout days, but it wouldn’t be enough for me on days that I really want to sweat. I liked the instructor, though.

3) a dance workout…includes a few different sections. First, she shows a move, then you add that move into the whole routine that you have learned thus far, then you learn a new move, etc. I have no dance background, and I think it will take me a while to learn this. However, it’s really different from everything else I have, so it’s nice to have.

4) yoga. Instructor is fun and has good cuing.

5) a workout by Tanja Djelevic…I love her, and have several workouts by her. This one is also good and very high energy as always.

You may want to note, I don’t think this is new material. You can tell this because some of the sections come to an end and the instructor is obviously still going..I think they are just segments taken from other GAIAM dvds. In all, I think it was useful to buy because now I know some instructors that I like and some that I do not like, which will help me picking exercise dvds in the future. However, I don’t think most of this dvd will make it into my rotation frequently, except when I am bored and want to do something different. I will probably use the yoga and Tanja’s workout more frequently.
Rating: 3 / 5