What do you no longer want?

What do you no longer want?

As humans we have the unique ability to think about our thinking. We can have several different streams of thinking running more or less at the same time. Have you experienced ‘back of the mind’ thoughts? Sometimes these are little worry worm thoughts, like the feeling that you have left something at home when you have gone on a trip or that there was something else on your shopping list.

Or a vague feeling when you meet someone that you don’t trust them, but you have no evidence to confirm it, and normally you like everyone you meet. And meanwhile these thoughts are ‘back of mind’ you are conversing with the person.

We can have vague feelings of unease with ourselves, interspersed with outright thoughts that we are unhappy with the way we look, or the way we are behaving. An important thing that this busy age robs us of is time to reflect.

A lot of wisdom and creativity is gained from reflection. Reflection as in time to just sit and think. To let thoughts flit through our head like butterflies on a warm day. We might find a thought that evokes a feeling, and decide to catch it and examine it more closely. How about scheduling some time for ‘reflection’ on yourself, your appearance, your weight, your health. If you are reading this, I am guessing that you are unhappy with some of these aspects of yourself.

Raising your awareness, bringing to the forefront those ‘back of mind’ thoughts along with your really nagging conscious thoughts, is vital to working towards peace of mind. Make a date for some quiet time with yourself, grab some paper and a pen and give yourself some attention.

We’re encouraged to listen to other people by giving them our full attention, eye contact and expressing back to them what we think they have told us is their experiences and feelings so they know we have really ‘heard’ and ‘understand’ them. Have you ever thought of giving yourself this kind of full attention listening? Give yourself permission to take this time for yourself.

When you do, start to identify and write down what you are unhappy with in your appearance, your weight, and your health. Write down experiences that have upset you. Write down what you no longer want; what you are moving away from. For example, “I want to be rid of indigestion and bloating from my bad eating habits.” “The more weight I gain the less attractive I feel, and the more I want to ‘hide away’; I feel too ashamed to be seen.” “I no longer want to carry this ton of guilt and shame I feel.” “I no longer want to be restricted to wearing these shapeless, extra size clothes.” “I am sick of feeling a failure and being a bad role model for my children.”

Next time, we’ll talk about identifying and writing down what we want .

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