Special Drinks And Foods For Natural Weight Loss

Special Drinks And Foods For Natural Weight Loss

In my last blog post I told you I will be telling you the special drinks and foods that you need to add to your meals as a replacement for diet or slimming pills.

Now pay special attention as I discuss each of them.

Drinks for Fat Burning

Green Tea


Have you noticed how slim the Chinese people are? The ones I have seen personally at special places like the Airports, Hotels and business locations around the country are very lean and statistics have it that they equally live very long.

Could it be that the Chinese people are lean because they take a lot of green tea especially after meal? Maybe.

Here is the truth, Green tea is a fat burning beverage among many other multiple health benefits it possesses. It is also a very powerful anti-oxidant.

Do you know that a popular statistic shows that drinking green tea helps to burn up to 200 more calories per day when compared with water? What is more, the calories burnt are from the fat in the body and not protein or carbohydrates.

The reason green tea helps in speeding up metabolism for fast fat burning is because it has a complex compound called Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.

This compound EGCG has been used to experiment with various animals and it shows that it prevents obesity, decreases fat production and have the potential of fighting free radicals in the body.

When green tea is taken anytime of the day, it causes increased calorie burning, oxidation of fat, modifies appetite and decreases calorie absorption in the body. The effect is a drastic fat-burning system which helps you to reduce body weight and fat levels.

Source Of Green Tea In Nigeria.

Most of the good Green Teas, I must confess come from Chinese Network marketing health products in Nigeria and they work pretty well with other healthy weight loss activities.

Caffeine In Coffee Drinks.


Oh I love the taste of Coffee. Caffeine over the course of hundreds of years has been used as a beverage or as a pill to boost metabolism and increase energy levels.

Several news reports and scientific data has shown that Caffeine has the ability to help people work longer hours at night, and make fewer mistakes while on the job. It also helps one in doing better in tasks requiring reasoning, memory alertness and rapt attention.

Some people may be allergic to Caffeine and if that is the case, don’t use or take any drink that has Caffeine. But Caffeine is by no means dangerous in reasonable amount, except when taken in too much dozes.

So how does Caffeine help one to lose weight?

Caffeine, when taken as a tea or coffee can be helpful in appetite reduction and increases the oxidation of fat resulting in reduced calorie intake thus decreasing body fat.

Other benefits of Caffeine is that it improves exercise performance thus allowing you to work harder for longer time which in effect creates a huge calorie deficit and enhance fat burn in the process of exercising.

Lemon Water


Another great drink that can help you is Lemon Water. Drink lemon water if you want to lose weight or burn belly fat. You need to detoxify your liver because a stressed liver cannot metabolize fat effectively and which gets deposited around your waistline. Lemon water excellently increases enzymes that detoxify your liver so that it may carry out its basic functions efficiently.

Get this:

  • Lemon- 1
  • Water (warm preferred)- 1 glass

Do this:

  • After you get up in the morning, take the lemon and squeeze out its juice into the water.
  • While warm water is good to make lemon water for fat burning purpose, you can also use water at room temperature. This won’t stop lemon doing its job.
  • Mix well and drink this lemon water on an empty stomach everyday in the morning.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes after you have your regular lemon water every morning.

In this article, I only spoke about 3 drinks that can help you lose weight and melt belly fat. In my ebook FAT LOSS FORMULA. I will show you 10 drinks that can help you burn belly fat and lose weight, 7 Nigerian meals that can help you eliminate fat very fast. In fact look at some of the things you will get from the FAT LOSS FORMULA below.

In the FAT LOSS FORMULA weight loss guide, you will have access to a simple workout routine planned out for the period of 30 days which has been proven to help your body metabolism along side with a complementary package which contain a complete list of healthy Nigerian Fat Burning carbohydrate foods; vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits and oils for cooking that will help you to burn unwanted fat in all areas of your body and become the person you have always dreamed of regaining back your beauty and confidence. Below are some of secrets that will be revealed in the FAT LOSS FORMULA weight loss guide:
  • 7 kinds of foods that you can eat that will help you burn belly fat
  • A few healthy eating secrets that you will stop more fat from adding to your belly
  • The role that your breakfast plays in helping you to burn belly fat
  • 6 sets of exercise that you can do in the comfort of your room that will help you in reducing belly fat
  • About 10 weight loss drinks that can help you burn belly fat and eliminate excess weight.
  • how you can be eating 5-6 times in a day and burn more belly fat than someone who eats 3 times in a day
  • the kinds of foods that causes a lot of belly fat and what to do about them
  • A complete 30 days program on how you can live and get the fat completely off
  • Why skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do to yourself to bring your fat loss to a screeching STOP…and how to eat more food and lose more fat at the same time
  • The 7 reasons why frequent meals are critical to your success in losing fat permanently without losing muscle

… and so much more.

So, all you have to do is anticipate the launch of the FAT LOSS FORMULA tomorrow. I will send you a mail about it with the link and details on how to grab yours immediately.

For now, drop your comments and ask questions if you wish. Before you sleep tonight, bear in mind that the formula to your weight loss will be out tomorrow and you can finally grab yours!

Best regards

Your weight loss buddy!

Ken Ezeani

PS: Endeavour to check your email tomorrow for my latest mail. If you don’t see my mail in your inbox, do check the SPAM folder. Don’t miss out!

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