Highlights of the 2015 Global Compassion Summit Healthy Spirit Body Mind

Highlights of the 2015 Global Compassion Summit  Healthy Spirit Body Mind

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Highlights of the 2015 Global Compassion Summit

Though the summit is over for now, you may still access all the presentations, for free, via the archives found at this link.

I haven’t even had a chance to listen to all the presentations yet, but I plan to over the next week or so. They make for great company on my commute. One thing that I’ve really appreciated from the talks I’ve heard so far are the simple suggestions each speaker makes on how we can introduce compassion, for others and ourselves, into our daily lives.

It doesn’t have to be a profound action, even a simple smile to a stranger, or a moment of eye-contact with another whether we know him or her or not, or just a simple hand to the heart for ourselves when we’re feeling distress can all make difference. Of course there are larger acts of compassion… some of the speakers and all of the sponsors have built organizations around the notion of compassion and/or altruism.

The material is so rich, I want to spread the word, so I’m going to do a daily post about each speaker over the next few days. It helps me stay connected to compassionate work, and I hope you’ll find it inspiring.

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Highlights of the 2015 Global Compassion Summit

May 30th ~ Take Care of Yourself

May 28th ~ End Your Day In Peace